L2Wipe Lineage II Project Is In Progress

L2Wipe is a project born from the desire to give the community a stable long-term Lineage II private server project held to the highest standards. We use only the best in OFF files, bot protection, ddos protection, and hardware. All 3 of our team are extremely experienced server admins, web developers, L2 Players, and know OFF files. All 3 of us have families, stable jobs, and are fully committed to this project, and have the resources to take it to the highest level and keep it there. Currently we are in the process of setting up our webserver environment which consists of the following:

  • A custom lightweight Linux build featuring Centmin.
  • Nginx + PHP-FPM
  • MariaDB
  • APC (Opcode Cacher)
  • Forced SSL and SPDYv3 Sitewide for the best possible security of your information
  • IPB Forums
  • A completely custom control panel with multi server support. Very similar to how NCSoft handles their accounts. Ex. Master account controls multiple accounts and chars across all of our servers.

  • Our first server will be a high rate PvP Gracia Final (OFF) server. Don't worry you are not going to find any custom crap, or imba donations like most other high rates. That will be followed eventually by mid-low Gracia Final server (OFF).

    Join Us On L2Wipe IRC

    irc.l2wipe.com (you will join the main channel automatically)
    Ports: 6667, 7000, 6697(SSL)

    For those that come idle with us in IRC often we will be randomly giving away some freebies such as, VIP membership (forums), +v (IRC), and L2Wipe currency (game). So come join us while we wait and get to know the people behind the project :)